How to Sell Blooks in Blooket

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket

Blooket, an interactive educational platform, has been gaining popularity among students, educators, and game enthusiasts alike.

While it’s primarily known for its educational games and quizzes, a unique feature called “Blooks” has recently emerged, offering an exciting opportunity for users to create and sell their game content.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of selling Blooks on Blooket, providing you with the knowledge and strategies to make your venture a success.

What Are Blooks?

Before delving into the art of selling Blooks, it’s crucial to understand what Blooks are. Blooks are user-generated game modes within the Blooket platform.

These customizable games allow you to add your own questions, themes, and settings to create a unique gaming experience.

You can design Blooks to cater to various subjects, from mathematics and history to pop culture and trivia. By selling Blooks, you not only share your knowledge but also have the potential to earn money from your creations.

Getting Started

  1. Create a Blooket Account: To sell Blooks on Blooket, you’ll need to have a Blooket account. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a free account on the Blooket website.
  2. Understand the Platform: Familiarize yourself with the Blooket platform by playing various games and exploring the available features. This will help you gain insights into what makes a successful Blook.

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket

  • Creating Your Blook: Think of a creative game concept and develop a set of unique questions. Ensure your Blook is engaging and informative, making it appealing to potential buyers.

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket


  • Enable Blooks: Look for the option to enable Blooks within the game settings. You may need to toggle a switch or check a box to activate this feature.

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket


Selling Your Blook

  • Set a Price: Decide on a price for your Blook. Blooket allows you to choose how much your creation will cost. Be mindful of the pricing, as it can influence your sales.
  • Publish Your Blook: Once you’re satisfied with your creation, publish it on Blooket. Users can now discover and purchase your Blook.

How to Sell Blooks in Blooket

Use Blooket’s customization tools to personalize your game with themes, backgrounds, and special settings. The more unique your Blook, the better it will sell.

Promoting Your Blook

  • Share on Social Media: Utilize social media platforms to promote your Blook. Sharing your creation on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or educational communities can help increase its visibility.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Interact with users who play your Blook and address any feedback or questions promptly. Building a positive reputation can boost your sales.

Reaping the Rewards

  • Monitor Sales: Keep track of your sales and monitor the performance of your Blook. This data can help you refine your future creations.
  • Create More Blooks: Don’t stop at just one Blook. Continue to create and sell Blooks to maximize your earnings and expand your portfolio.


Selling Blooks in Blooket is an innovative way to enhance the learning experience by adding gamification elements and incentives.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, educators can create a dynamic and engaging environment that motivates students to actively participate in educational games.

Experiment with Blooks in your Blooket games and watch as your students become more motivated and excited about learning.